15,000 Crocodiles Escape

15,000 crocodiles escaped from the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in South Africa when the Limpopo River rose due to a stong storm:

Reportedly, 15,000 crocodiles escaped from an animal farm in South Africa Thursday. The animal escape took part during a period of heavy rain in the area. Ironically, sources say the owners actually are responsible for letting the crocodiles out.

15,000 crocodiles escape
15,000 crocodiles escape

According Fox News on Jan. 24, Rakwena Crocodile Farm owners had little choice when threats of rising waters from a storm surge forced them to open gates on the animal farm.

As the Limpopo River rose rapidly, the gates were open, which caused thousands of crocodiles to escape the animal enclosures.

Half have been re-captured. Where is Steve Irwin when you need him? (You may want to read of his daughter, Bindi Irwin, and her war with Hillary Clinton, of all people)

4 thoughts on “15,000 Crocodiles Escape”

  1. Croc Freedom!

    I’m not a big fan of limiting population – odd choice of topics for a kid to write about. Maybe if we free more crocs they could take care of the population problem :)

  2. Lou: Limiting population talk always comes from nutballs. I understand the need to be responsible, but we have Mars and the rest of space to populate.
    CP: Haha, no South Africa for you.
    Old NFO: Ruh Ro is right.

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