W. Henry Gates

His estimated wealth, some 65  billion measured in US dollars, equals the annual GDP of Ecuador, and maybe a bit more than that of Croatia. By this rather crude criterion, he is worth two Kenyas, three Trinidads and a dozen or so Montenegros. Not bad for a university dropout.

5 thoughts on “W. Henry Gates”

  1. A Robin Hood type character; at varying degrees there is good and bad in us all.

    Yours Aye.

  2. He took it in another direction and made it his own…as penance he donates much of his money to his own charity…the operative word of course is ‘his’ charity….liberals always think if they appear (another operative word) to be charitable and their ‘intentions’ are good, all will be well…and they can salve their own collective conscience…it’s all a bunch of BS, doncha think??….k

  3. EB: He is a Robin Hood type character, but he may have robbed from the poor as well early in his career.
    Kris: Penance, I like that characterization. . .

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