French Berets and Jihad El Eid

Here is the thing about berets. They can look warrior-ish if worn tight and tough. You can’t can’t (cannot) let it get away from you like the poor, shorter gentleman in the picture below, to the right. I think he knows his beret is askew; he has that sheepish look beret wearers get when they lose the battle. It looks like a giant tortilla, pita, or nan bread landed on this head. Or those of a certain generation might say he resembles Rudy from Fat Albert. This is not a good representation of the warrior ethos we are seeking from our knights:

French Berets, stepping up anti-jihad patrols in North Africa
French Berets, stepping up anti-jihad patrols in North Africa

The bereted mousketeers are included in an article about how France is picking up its efforts in North Africa. And the jihadis there are targeting them. Jihad, it means holy war. Or struggle to the naive.

It also can be a name. Be wary of anyone named Jihad El Eid. El Eid means the party or the holiday. And a real Jihad El Eid just absconded with $150k of Broward County’s dough. He is the former traffic engineering director, undoubtedly a challenging job worthy of a good Jihad.

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  1. All of those berets look silly. The short guy has it worst because we can see the top of his head. The others would look just as tortilla-like if we could see their tops too. I’m hungry now.

  2. Don’t be fooled by their traditional wide beret of which they are very proud of. The beret is named the ‘tarte’ (after the shape of the pie).

    “Chasseurs Alpins” (Alpine Hunters) are the elite mountain and arctic warfare infantry of the French army, they trained to operate in mountainous as well as urban environments. There are three battalions of the ‘Chasseurs Alpine’ all are based in towns high in the French alps.

    The Chasseurs Alpine’ shown in the picture are patrolling the streets of France, which is to show a presence to reassure the general public. The threat from Islamic extremist has increased as a result of the conflict in Mali.

    Yours Aye.

  3. A beret may look warish in San Francisco, but not on any soldier. Especially those Frisbee looking things. Now those worn by the special forces are kinda cool but I prefer the old style cap worn before he 70’s. And the pillbox white hat for the salts.

      1. The charity calendars have raised substantive funds for wounded and injured Royal Marines.

        I believe eight thousand ‘2013 Go Commando Calenders’ were sold (pre christmas orders), which included sales worldwide. It also made the top five selling calenders in the UK.

        The 2014 calender is being organised now, with all funds going to a very worthy cause.

        BZ Royal…

  4. NavyOne:

    Wouldn’t the word “Jihad” of “Jihad el-‘Eid” mean “Holy War”? And isn’t “el-‘Eid” short for “‘Eid el-Fitr”, the almost-sacrifice of Ishmael (which in Christianity and Judaism would be Isaac reather than Ishmael. I realize I might b e mistaken on this.

  5. Lou: Tortillas means quesadillas!
    Veronica: RGR that.
    EB: A tarte? That works. Did you just post a link to almost naked dudes? Hope you all made a lot of dough out of that.
    Clark: Eid el-Fitr is a feast breaking the fast. The Eid is sort of a party or a festival. You got it. . .

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