Lindsay June Sandiford, Death Sentence

I like tough laws. I like the fact that if criminals break the law, they are punished. But I am somewhat dubious at the sentence Lindsay June Sandiford, 56, received in an Indonesian court. Smuggling drugs? Getting the death penalty. . . A British grandmother.

5 thoughts on “Lindsay June Sandiford, Death Sentence”

  1. Even if she got the 15 years, it would be life imprisonment for her. I just wish our legal system would be as tough as other countries. Too many liberals involved.

  2. When in Rome, abide by their rules and don’t cry crocodile tears when you are caught.

    When visiting the country it is made apparent what the rules and penalties are for dealing and smuggling. Those that do get caught end up in the ‘pokey’ or up against a wall with a cigarette between their lips. In this situation making money out of some one else’s misery deserves no less.

    The Mr. Big’s of the trade sit back reaping the benefits from this evil trade, of which there appears to be no shortage of ‘mules’; as a consequence for those caught there is no shortage of condemned cells within the penal system.

    Yours Aye.

  3. So buckwheat, you wish for laws like other countries, that explains why the US insists on not obeying local law when stationed in another country… of course there is everyone who is guilty here get convicted and the US has never executed an innocent man or woman…

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