Prince Harry Kills Taliban Insurgents

Captain Harry Wales, Prince Harry, 662 SQN, Go Ugly EarlyThis article on Prince Harry, dubbed Captain Harry Wales, details several interesting facts about the 662 Squadron (Motto: Go Ugly Early) co-pilot gunner. Namely that Prince Harry has killed Taliban insurgents. No surprise there. And the Captain also enjoys playing PlayStation and XBox. He tears his mates up at FIFA 13. He is all thumbs, which is good in both video games and the gunner business. As far as that other, prior incident, Harry graciously calls it: too much Army and not enough prince.

12 thoughts on “Prince Harry Kills Taliban Insurgents”

  1. More than just a pretty face….I like it…doesn’t the Prince have his own contingent of Secret Service types who watch over him?….or does it depend on his location? If he’s performing the duties of a royal, I’d think he’d have the sort of protection expected for the luminaries within the Royal Family…otherwise he can conduct himself judiciously as a private citizen. I don’t envy any of those within the British Royal family….actually any European royalty who travels through life with that distinction….it can’t be easy…k

  2. Speaking from behind the insulation of geographic and cultural distance, it seems to me that Prince Harry is a welcome throwback to the proud UK heritage of warrior princes. We need more like him … there, and here.

    I’d be proud to buy him a Shiner (Texas brewed beer, for you uninitiated) if he ever visits my little corner of the world.

  3. Kris: I have no knowledge of his protection detail. But he definitely comes across as real.
    CTT: Buying him a Shiner is better than giving him a shiner. We’ve got to be gentlemanly to our mates from across the river. . .

  4. Prince Harry and his brother William could have kicked back in life and just debauched themselves with a bevy of beauties around Europe.

    However, after divorcing Prince Charles, Princess Diana brought up Harry and his brother William to appreciate their privilege in life, and not to take advantage of it, or to take it for granted. Diana was a great woman under extreme pressure from the palace ‘faces’, who wished to see her sons brought up under the umbrella and protection of the Royal household with full Royal protocols in place, but she did not waiver or bend under the weight laid against her.

    After her death her two boys insisted that they choose their own way in life. Charles had little sway over their career path; much likely Her Majesty the Queen influenced it. Certainly they were appointed a role model, who was an ex senior Army officer who also happened to be ex SAS.

    Both William & Harry have a determined hatred for the MSM as it were they that were responsible for their Mothers life being ended in Paris. Both Princes are media savvy in that they never play the game of the press. The British press have had their wings clipped, in as much that any untrue press releases made by them against William & Harry will now end up in court (some thing that did not happen prior to Diana’s death). The foreign press make it all up as they go along (the result of which means that they are deterred from official press open days).

    The bilge that the press pump out about the Royal Princes’ tends to originate from Europe, which is then quoted by the guttersnipe press here in the UK (not a crime to repeat an untruth published by others until a forced retraction is made). Normally such untruths are magnified and repeated here through the left wing socialist newspapers.
    (If there was a shortage of toilet rolls I would not use any of them to wipe my rear end with; Grade 1 sandpaper would be preferable).

    Harry has a small team of SAS (possibly a four man detachment) who act as his immediate close protection whilst he is deployed in Afghanistan. This was one of the waivers he had to accept for him to operate in theatre. But lets not forget that when his wheels leave the ground, it is just he and his partner in the Apache operating in hostile territory.

    I have the greatest respect for William & Harry; those that have served alongside them echo the same feelings. Military Officers first and fore most, Royal Princes second.

    Prince Charles is a decent man, and it would appear he is also a good Father; he respects the career path both sons have chosen, equally both sons praise their father often.

    My true personal feelings are that by allowing Prince Harry to operate against Islamic extremists, it shows the world that we are prepared to ‘standfast’ against the tide that the same extremists wish to force upon us. If they wish to quote it as a Christian Crusade, then so be it, the extremists have every thing to lose.

    The Knight’s Templar have not gone away you know, they exist to this day throughout Europe.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Ex Bootneck – very well said. I feel like Princess Diana did indeed raise these boys amazingly well in spite of everything. I have been hearing this story in the news for a couple of days and I kept wondering why it was news. He is in the military, actually walking toward the fight – though he could have remained more protected. I too have great respect for him and his brother, and thank God that Prince Charles had the presence of mind to marry their mother so long ago.

  5. It’s interesting, Ex Bootneck you mention the Knights Templar…I suspect after America wakes up to what is in store for us with Islamic Fascism on the rise, and the departure (we can all hope) of the naive’ and gullible (although not completely) Obama presidency, those who warned of what a worldwide Caliphate portends for humanity and decency will surge…the ignorance of the left is exemplified by America’s current leadership and it will take something dramatic for it to end …Obama leaving will ultimately do that but the damage incurred before then is both to be feared and noted by those of us who stand against it…for now this is all we can do…Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our America and this century and we as such will need the support of Europe in the not too distant future before we’re all destroyed by the incompetence and ineptitude we see all around us…Islamic totalitarianism is a difficult thing to transcend but fight we must so as not to be engulfed by it… is the exact same thing that Nazism was to the last century…..provably so….k

    1. Coffeypot, I do agree with you, but this bloke has to jump through hoops to do so.

      The left wing press are now slaughtering him, as are (wait for it) senior figures within Al Qeada, as well as the Taliban!

      The anti war campaigners are running around declaring him a murderer. What do they think an Apache attack helicopter does for a living; fire rubber tipped arrows?

      Credit where it is due, and that credit goes to every serving member of the armed forces, as well as to those who have served.


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