Everything about the Inauguration

Say whatever you want about the inauguration – Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at John Boehner, Sasha Obama yawning, the 3000 calories meal – these guys are still on the job:

U.S. Marines march in the inaugural parade in Washington, January 21, 2013.
U.S. Marines march in the inaugural parade in Washington, January 21, 2013.

9 thoughts on “Everything about the Inauguration”

  1. Wow, talk about desperate journalists. I wouldn’t be interested in reading that anyone rolled their eyes, that a child yawned, or the amount of calories in the food if it was an event with my close friends and family. Why would I want to read about it when it’s people I don’t even know?

    On a side note though, if a Marine parade was included at my friends’ event, I’d be quite interested. Maybe theyd have reconned that some side gigs could help now with the budget cuts?

  2. Yeah, apparently that’s all Yahoo came up with…this is the American Idol culture….every bit of minutiae to fill up their otherwise drab empty lives (that would be the journalists and sycophantic mavens)…you can only talk so much about the ‘One’ and only Obama and family without wanting to upchuck….for me that’s the end point and I can almost imagine even they might have tired of all the publicity and adoration of the crowds…seems to me there’s a point of no return for everyone when it comes to that…k

  3. I thought about having my tutoree watch the inauguration for history sake, but fortunately she went on a ski trip and I was spared all the media hype.

  4. The also reported on the news that none of the kids that came from across the nation (and the Pacific) to march in the parade was not allowed to go to the inauguration because they were not allowed (or did not) go through security check by the Secret Service. Sad that the kids he is professing to love are considered a threat. I guess you could hide a 30.06 with scope in a tuba.

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