Almost 99 Years Ago

5 thoughts on “Almost 99 Years Ago

  1. Those magnificent men in their flying machines…

    When they laid down the foundations of aviation, little did they know how strong they would have to be, or how long they would last, (or how far it would develop; flightless aircraft, is it the future we have been led to believe)?

    Yours Aye.

    • Veyr true. I see a good three or four names of folks with bases or streets or ships named after them. We rest upon their shoulders.

  2. Spent six months coop cleaning (CPO barracks) at Saufley Field waiting for A&P school. Great base. The club had the coldest drafts (iced mugs) in the Navy.
    HS. LTJG Richard Caswell Saufley Naval Aviator No. 14.

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