tubiQ, by Teknokat Marine

I find this tubiQ houseboat, by Teknokat Marine, intriguing. It is somewhat on the ugly, modular side; but if the price is right, its simplicity could be a winner:

 TubiQ by Technokat Marine
TubiQ by Technokat Marine

Click on the PDF (right) for the specs. Of course, my heart be in tugboats, like the Irene.

3 thoughts on “tubiQ, by Teknokat Marine”

  1. TubiQ just has no soul about it; too clinical for my liking.

    Tugboat Irene is my type of girl, classic lines and a lot of ‘salty’ history behind her…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Lou: I’ll bet they rent out houseboats on some lake out your way.
    EB: True. But I’ll bet it is cheap and easily upgradable. That said, I’ve always loved tugs and trawlers. . .

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