Technology Could Let You Eat Grass, Sleep Less

Certain headlines in Navy Times worry me. Like this: Technology could let you eat grass, sleep lessWhat are we, cows? Unfortunately, the article is behind the prime firewall.

4 thoughts on “Technology Could Let You Eat Grass, Sleep Less”

  1. I have chewed on many a blade of grass when I was a kid (not the goat kinda kidd). Hot summer days lazing in the fields watching the clouds form and reform and just enjoy life. And I didn’t start giving mile anymore than I started laying eggs because I had some for breakfast. But I don’t think I would like to make a meal out of it. As for the sleeping less…I already go on two to four hours of sleep now.

  2. I guess grass is good for you, I mean you can get it at Jamba Juice served in a cup – and everything there is healthy, right? (ha ha!)

    Still – they may as well feed us grass, sometimes the military does make us feel like cattle. (Standing in line for immunizations in bootcamp quickly comes to mind….)

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