Lady Gun Bloggers Get Press

Well, looky here. Heels and Handguns just got mentioned in the media as a grrrrrrl pro-gun site. I love this, this article written by Andrea Bulfinch in the Foster’s Daily Democrat:

Heels and Handguns, Women Against Gun Control, Second Amendment Sisters, Jessie Duff

Forget diamonds … is gun now a girl’s best friend?

While a nationwide conversation about guns, gun violence and gun control is taking place bringing Second Amendment rights into the spotlight, a “gender revolution” has taken place with an increased number of women choosing to lock and load.

Numerous websites, blogs, and forums such as Heels and Handguns, Women Against Gun Control, Second Amendment Sistersand hundreds of other virtual groups have brought women from across the country together, sharing their knowledge and support of what some are calling a woman’s “real right to choose.

Gender revolution = self-reliance. Like what Jessie Duff practices.

7 thoughts on “Lady Gun Bloggers Get Press”

    1. Thanks Lil! This country was founded on self-reliance and all you lady gun bloggers are a good example of it. As far as Jessie Duff goes, yup, she is tough. . .

  1. That was very cool. My Jesse and I did not look quite so cool while practice shooting, nor did we do as well. But we hit our target and had lots of fun.

  2. If I may make a recommendation, Home On The Range ( is written by a female LEO and former pilot (well, she’s still a pilot, but I don’t think it’s her primary day job now) who writes on:

    Guns, how to use them, etc.
    The people in her life (and her dog, Barkley)
    Some fantastic recipies

    She’s an excellent writer and a decent photographer. Worth a visit.

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