Guevara the Sniper

Generally, you don’t want to publicize your snipers. Good ones are national treasures, fomenting chaos in enemies ranks. For example, SEAL Chris Kyle used to be called Al-Shaitan Ramad (The Devil of Ramadi) for his lethality. Another fact military folks should keep close to their vest (if they wear them) is the wives of their leaders. It opens the families up to all sorts of potentially dangerous exploitation when it becomes known who the head honcho’s wife is. This captioned picture breaks all those rules:

Guevara, a Syrian Palestinian woman married to an Al Wa'ad battalion commander, is pictured in Aleppo January 19, 2013. Guevara was the director of a secondary school before the revolution and is now one of the main snipers of the battalion on the front line in Aleppo.
Guevara, a Syrian Palestinian woman married to an Al Wa’ad battalion commander, is pictured in Aleppo January 19, 2013. Guevara was the director of a secondary school before the revolution and is now one of the main snipers of the battalion on the front line in Aleppo.

Love the Che-ness of her name. Like a guerilla, she is. More of her here. . .

12 thoughts on “Guevara the Sniper”

  1. That story is now her death certificate.

    The danger of allowing the MSM into a war zone…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Sometimes the MSM is unknowingly on the side of right….even if they deny it…and it is one for our side, actually….I’m glad just this once….they probably won’t do it again or not advertise it anyway…..k

  3. I concur with Sara’s comment, and I truly believe that ‘Guevara’ shows an enormous amount of courage by choosing her new career path.

    It does make me wonder though how ‘Guevara’ would fare if her husband was not an Al Wa’ad battalion commander. Any type of weapon (regular or specialist) is in such high demand by the FSA, that circumstances dictate her scoped hunting rifle would have been snatched from her ‘warm’ hands long ago.

    Sadly I would say that her days are numbered, and not just for the long list of ‘cam & concealment’ crimes that are apparent from the photographs available; one of which being the white band above her forehead, a blessing for anti sniper teams, of which Assad has in great numbers, (all trained by Russian specialists, which includes the use of modern 7.62 mm Dragunov SVD sniper rifles).

    (Guevara is also the first sniper I have seen that wear’s high heels to practice her trade in)!

    Fighting In Built Up Areas (FIBUA) is a dream come true for trained sniper teams. Twelve decent coordinated teams could block and stop movement for months in this environment, and dictate tactical terms on the ground.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I wouldn’t write her off too quickly though. She’s a target but I wouldn’t want to be in her crosshairs.

      I wonder why she went so public. Overconfidence? Trying to stir others to the cause?

      1. Sara: Haha! Let the record reflect, I always respected you guys!
        EB: Guevara is certainly brave. And she is like a hungry Sailor at Sizzler (local budget steakhouse), in a target-rich environment.

  4. It is possible that the ‘Guevara’ feature provides an acceptable edge to a story that the West is getting fed up over i.e.; “Here we go again assisting in the over throw of an Islamic Despot Dictator, only to allow the Muslim Brotherhood in through the back door to set up shop”!

    So the FSA show their feminine side to distil fears that they are not like the other Muslims involved in over throwing their own countries Tyrants, that their own Arab Spring will appease the West; ‘so please send more weapons and munitions to support our cause’ (we promise to not turn them against you later on, or filter them back through to other fanatical Islamic Jihad Groups).

    Assad’s army utilises its Russian Main Battle Tanks to snipe from afar to counter act FSA snipers; collateral damage to the main infrastructure of rebel held territory makes no difference to the Assad regime; it actually makes life even tougher for the FSA. The tactic has slowed down the FSA’s momentum and has taken the steam out of its militia.

    Internal squabbling within the factions of the FSA is creating (has created) it’s own problems as the Commanders of each Brigade now fight for supremacy, all with their eyes on the Presidential palace and the eventual seats of power it holds.
    (The atrocities being committed by both sides have not yet reached our Western ears, though light censored versions are trickling out, the atrocities conducted between FSA factions upon each other are part of the statistic).

    (If/When/Perhaps/Maybe (delete as appropriate); the FSA actually succeed in toppling the Assad regime, stability will return for a very short period only. Once elections are coordinated and put in place we (in the West) should not be shocked to find that ‘low & behold’, yet another Dictator rise’s from the ashes sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Perhaps we are looking at the FSA’s version of Les Misérables… It is pretty much in vogue at the moment, and just look at the coverage one Syrian woman with a scoped hunting rifle has got so far…
    Roza Shanina, a Soviet sniper during World War II, credited with 54 confirmed kills.

    Answer the question honestly to yourselves “Have you now softened slightly since you read Guevara’s story in the MSM?

    My answer “Not one bit; they all deserve each other, the winners are the losers and the losers are the winners”!

    I am afraid that Islamic Terrorism is going to be around for at least another fifty years, and we are just scratching the surface in Africa.

    Yours Aye.

  5. Great. Now, when this hits the MSM, the gun controllers will point at the rifle and say, “SEE! SEE! SNIPER RIFLE! We have to ban them TOO!”

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