Daniel Radcliffe, Harold Potter, Fashion Victim

Look, my rule of thumb when it comes to dressing myself is: Would Harold (Harry to a select group of friends) Potter wear it? Otherwise known as: WHPWI? So when I saw this picture, I felt encouraged. I have piles of camouflage pants and sports coats that are a steak dinner or three too tight. Quite obviously, camo and sports coats don’t go together. Nor would Harold usually wear it. Until now:

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke, His camouflage pants with sports coat
Daniel Radcliffe at Sundance in camouflage pants with sports coat.

Oh, hell yeah. Time to get my fashion victim on. . .

8 thoughts on “Daniel Radcliffe, Harold Potter, Fashion Victim”

  1. He has the dress sense of a rodeo clown… Do not be tempted NavyOne, ridicule is only a QWERTY arms length away!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Ex Bootneck’s right, Navy One….Daniel Radcliffe dresses like he’s at least ten years old with no sense of adulthood about him…he’s an adult supposedly, yet he still looks like a boy with a style sense of arrested development…sorry, he’s still a kid….k

  3. Muggle fashion can be difficult for wizards so I’m not surprised to see this…

    Recovering Harry Potter book junkie.

  4. When I see someone dressed in an odd assortment of clothes and remark upon the oddness, my daughter (who does not dress like that) usually assures me that it is just a fashion. I usually assure her it is just stupid.

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