A Sailor, Out of Regs

Is it me or does this Sailor look a little out of regs with his beard and all? Or is it a picture of a female Sailor? I have a hard time telling these cats apart. And while we’re on maritime subjects, I’ve heard of killer SEALs, but not these old-fashioned guys. . .

7 thoughts on “A Sailor, Out of Regs”

    1. ‘His Royal Highness’ Prince Charles Royal Navy.

      If he does succeed the Queen to the throne, then the term ‘HMS’ applies to ‘His’ Majesty’s Ship. Not that there are that many left of the ‘grey funnel line’.


        1. Kristen, I would put that down to all of the high end living he is exposed to. (His new wife has certainly lived life to the full; past & present)!


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