Officer Pay, Military Budget

Personnel cost is a large piece of the military budget. Just for active duty, commissioned officers, the following is their cost from November 2001, 2006 and 2012:

Officer Salary Cost

Those Louies, they are not cheap. . .

6 thoughts on “Officer Pay, Military Budget”

  1. Yea, but your staff officers are not that cheap either. Maybe they need to start moving the o-3 up to o-4 to equal out the pay scale.

  2. mark: Good idea. Please contact the Pentagon with your ingenious ideas.
    Old NFO: It is the break point. Hopefully, we work this out.

  3. From an economic perspective, the analysis would be more meaningful if it was (1) inflation adjusted, and (2) on a per-capita basis.

    In any event, at least we’re getting value for our money … unlike what we get from our congress critters.

    1. Good point on the inflation. At the link, there are numbers of total force to give you a per-capita breakdown. And, thanks for giving us the thumbs-up over the critters. . .

  4. Will do, who should I contact? I have other ideas to!

    1) BATTLESHIPS! Who is there right mind will not stop and think twice with a Iowa class Battleship on the horizon? Pirates VS Battleships.

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