James Hood Dies, Robert Chew Dies

Trending in the news this morning are two notable deaths. James Hood was one of two students (along with Vivian Juanita Malone Jonesthat George Wallace faced down at the University of Alabama. I respect James Hood, for his calls of forgiveness and moderation. Like this picture with George Wallace much later in life. Robert Chew was an accomplished actor who played Proposition Joe on the HBO series The Wire. Which I’ve never seen. Although some of the Sailors at an old Navy command (three commands ago, yikes) could not stop talking about it. (Note: old Navy, not Old Navy. My old Navy. Not the clothes store Old Navy. Or the British offshoot Olde Shiver Me Timbers Navy.)

4 thoughts on “James Hood Dies, Robert Chew Dies”

  1. I greatly respect anyone who can forgive those that have acted with malice against them.
    One man in the right place at the right time can move mountains if his intention is honourable. Yet the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time can create havoc for others.

    I enjoyed ‘The Wire’ immensely and thought Robert Chew played the part of ‘proposition Joe’ effortlessly.
    (Sadly when the body grows the heart does not, it’s engineering capability does not have the power to pump and support above it’s natural capacity for too long).

    Yours Aye.

    1. Concur on forgiveness. I will keep an eye out for the Wire. I don’t usually do gritty. I can drive to any of those neighborhoods. But I’ll keep an eye out. . .

        1. I find what most progressives and today’s liberals are extremely not just shortsighted but so wrong about what fictions they believe, Clark. They accuse their political opposition of the very things they themselves are and what they themselves in their day have done…and leftists are always wrong while they double and triple down on their own blatant and obnoxious ignorance….it’s amazing to me they cannot even be honest with themselves about themselves; they continue to lie to justify their own existence and that I find unconscionable, disingenuous and dishonest…I have a conscience and I couldn’t live with myself if I were that much of a gutless wonder….k

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