The Insanity of Jumping Ozone Falls

In what may be called genius or what may titled be stupidity, Pat Keller jumped his kayak off Ozone Falls in Cumberland County, Tennessee. His buddy, Chris Gragtmans told Canoe & Kayak: Honestly, it looked like…you could knock yourself out or break your back. I’ve done a little kayaking, including some Class IV white-water and the thought of actually paddling off a 100-foot drop is frightening. Sorry if I don’t sound brave, I could not do it. Too much self-preservation or lack of daring or you-fill-in-the-blank.

6 thoughts on “The Insanity of Jumping Ozone Falls”

  1. There is a cut off limit within any outdoor pursuit that the law of averages deems control no longer belongs to the individual!

    This guy could get away with it time and time again, in fact the more he does this and supplies the soundtrack, commentary and visuals means that others who lack such experience could very well end up paraplegic, or worse; dead.

    I cringe when I see kids on bikes and boards trying out over the top stunts that could end up with them receiving life threatening injuries. Only yesterday I saw two young guys trying to edge a handrail on a skate board; each ended up as young farmers (two acres each)! %-(

    See a bit of life before you try to end it prematurely…

    Yours Aye.

    1. Very true, it is the kids that follow in his wake who will get hurt. Argggh on the two acres. I’ve gotten forty acres before, but no mule. . . Thankfully not recently. . .

  2. We have a couple of kayaks, but the rivers and lakes in OK are as slow as we are. Going off a waterfall is crazy wild and stupid. One summer we went down the upper Rio Grande between Taos and Pilar, NM, in “funyaks” – sort of raft/kayak. There was some serious white water, but not nearly as dangerous as us funyakers attacking each other.

    1. I like funyaks, we call them splash-yaks in California. Ridden them many times when I was a kid. Glad you found the right place to use ’em.

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