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  1. I just spent a half hour wMY/VFW commander There’s nothing nice I can saY ABOUT IT. Apparently, I’m a racist. I suppose if one support a meritocracy, in today’s world, one is a racist. And here, I thought that the definition of of a racist was anyone winning an argument with a Liberal.

      1. Affirmative, Sir. This man is a case-in-point on why Officers should NEVER be elected. Then again, this is the once great man-city of Chicago. Now, the politically correct paragon of a “gimme,” eternal victimhood ideology that punishes hard work & success while living off the labor of the “greedy.’ Och! Too depressing. I’d feel much better today if I’d kicked his ass all over the Post.

  2. I was accused of being racist during a discussion in which housing for ex-service members was brought up. (We have a terrible housing shortage within this country due to an influx of illegal immigrants).

    The last Socialist Labour Government almost brought this country down on to its knees through misuse and over spending at every level. It was also caught red handed telling blatant LIES as to how many immigrants it had let into the country. And then lied again when it stated that they were dealing with deporting illegal immigrants (they had failed miserably on both accounts).

    After decent investigative journalists got to the real truth, questions were then asked in the House of Commons as to the real status. Gordon Browns bumbling control led to some real toe curling answers… “They just did not know how many immigrants they had let into the country”; even worse, they had no idea where the bulk of the immigrants lived; they were totally of the radar! More frighteningly was the fact that a great majority were from a certain Islamic background.

    Immigration control across the European borders is so lax that we do not know how many foreign violent offenders (terrorists, murderers and rapists) have been allowed in. We tend to find out to our cost when they re-offend, which is frequent and often.

    As usual, I digress.

    Through decent journalism (from the political centre and right wing MSM) the problem of ex service members being re-homed was raised as a national issue.

    (Previously such members were placed on the bottom of local government lists, which meant they could wait for up to three to four years before being housed. The priority listing with the Socialist Labour Government was to establish housing for immigrants)! This disgraceful behaviour has now ceased and ex-service members are now directed as a priority for housing.

    Hence I was accused of being racist by a fat over blown trade unionist delegate who was becoming boisterous as he was losing the argument. I was hoping he would really lose it so I had to defend myself (I had already killed him three different ways in my head). Fortunately he stormed off spouting utter socialist bollocks!

    Struan, I know where you are coming from… Standfast in your values mate.

    Yours Aye.

  3. I’m quite satisfied I am no longer on active duty and can have any opinion on such subjects I choose. I probably would have had that opinion even then…I do feel for you though having to accommodate yourself to such nonsensical ideas…it’s absurdity itself when you have to actually engage the politically correct and multiculturally diverse as if they really matter in an age of stupidity….good luck on that one….k

    1. I doubt I could serve in our military today, Kristen. I’d be permanent personnel in Brig Company. Never could kiss ass or keep my mouth shut – doomed me to middle management NCO status.

  4. Struan: Politics should not come into an org such as that. Sad.
    EB: The race card, a sure sign someone has lost the argument.
    Kris: I don’t find the current military too stiffling. I am just careful what I say. I have my group of friends I can really talk to and then folks I am wary but cordial to.

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