Navy Ship Runs Aground

Here we go again, the USS Guardian (MCM-5), a mighty minesweeper, ran aground on the Tubataha Reef yesterday. The vessel was transiting in the Sulu Sea and struck (and stuck to) the Tubataha Reef, 400 miles south of the Philippine capital of Manila. Let’s hope they get unstuck quickly and steam the frick out of there. . .

8 thoughts on “Navy Ship Runs Aground”

  1. Wonder if they hit one of those reefs that have not been charted since Magellan was wandering around in that area?
    Or if it was another “Knox on the rocks” incident?

  2. “Career Overboard”! For some poor sod it will not end well.

    At least in the days when you had a ship’s cat onboard you could slide responsibility all the way down to the lowest level.

    Under such circumstances ‘dead mans shoes’ have to be filled, which always ensures promotion within the branch.

    Yours Aye.

  3. My first thought was some QM is going to get an ass chewing, but, alas, the Capt will end up the scapegoat. And the environmentalist will have him hung from the nearest lamp post (they won’t use a tree as it might leave a mark where the rope cuts into the limb.)

  4. jon: No word yet. We’ll see!
    EB: Usually the Skipper takes it on the nose for accidents like these.
    Struan: Geronimo!
    CP: Yup, you got it. . .
    OR: Wow! Hope he is okay.

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