White House Slams NRA

You must read the comments on the Yahoo article: White House slams NRA ad using Obama daughters to criticize new gun laws. Most of the comments go one way. This way:

Out of 300,000,000 guns in the US, about 8,000 are used to murder someone each year. This mean that out of all the guns in circulation only .00002666666% of the guns are used in homicides.

I have never seen the comments on Yahoo so pro-gun. People are angry. I don’t have the information on whether the above quote is accurate, but just spit-balling it, it sounds accurate.

12 thoughts on “White House Slams NRA”

  1. What we don’t like as Americans and what distinguishes us from every country in the world, even Europe where our roots are, is our God-given rights which a sitting president thinks he can dictate to We, the People …he isn’t our potentate or our king…he is nothing and he’s becoming more of a nothing as each day passes…he’s not going to tell us how to live our lives; he is our employee, and we are not his subjects…he doesn’t seem to get this…and when seventy-five percent of the people disagree with him and his policies, there will be no ‘meeting of the minds’…someone’s going to lose and it’s not the People…k

  2. And I get so tired of him saying, ‘and the American people agree…want…asked…etc. He thinks just saying something like that gives him legitimate reason to do stupid shit. He wants background checks on law abiding citizens but not for voter registration or voter id. Not for law enforcement invigilating legal residents. He has no clue – or ignores – what the American people want.

  3. So, we are not allowed to mention the Obama kids unless they are being cute and sweet? The ad really wasn’t about them, but leave it to the White House to make it about the Obamas.

  4. Under Obama freedom is consent, citizenship is compliance, wealth is the State and mendacity the native tongue.

  5. Hey stop ripping Chicago politics. That ain’t nothing, it would have been Chicago politics if they did it in the hospital with the kids in the beds. As I live 20 min away from the city, I see it every day.

    Case study. Jessie Jackson Jr. disapears from his job in the House of Rep. He is up for re-election, for several weeks we hear nothing about what is going on or where he is. The final day for filing a challenge to his re-election is July 1st @ 4 PM. On July 1 @ 4:01PM his office issues a statement saying that he is in the hospital of something and he will be there UFN. But re-elect him in November. Guess what he wins re-election in a landslide. A few weeks after the election, he resigns from the House. Because of the time frame, special election is called for his seat, and to be filled by who he wants to be there. 7 or 8 people have tried to run in the election, on of them a state senator who could have won but who Rahm, yes former Chief of Staff Rahm, does not like, is now on weapons charges because he forgot he had a weapon when he went to the airport.

    The lesson, if we don’t like you we don’t only take you out, we wipe the floor with you and your family and snuff your future. That is the Chicago way!

    Extra Credit, Mr. Jackson wife, Sandi, was a Chicago alderman for several years. She has lived in DC with her husband, for many of the years, not the district she represented. They had a vacant house there, but did not reside there.

    I could tell stories, but it makes the guy in DC look like a cub scout in Chicago politics.

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