Horsemeat Found in Burgers?

Irish shoppers are in for a surprise: Horse meat, horse DNA, and pig DNA were found in burgers and other ground beef products, announced an Irish food safety watchdog. One burger, sold by global retailer Tesco, was made of roughly 30 percent horse meat. Pig was found in 85% of the burgers tested, including those at supermarkets Iceland, Lidl, Aldi, and Dunnes. I imagine there are some angry folks over in Ire-land today.

7 thoughts on “Horsemeat Found in Burgers?”

  1. There are some very angry shoppers over here in the UK!

    Thank goodness for investigative journalism (move along there; nothing to see)…

    It exposes the weakness in their security in as much that some one mixed in the horse meat. The factory involved does not, has not, ever dealt in such from the equine world.
    (Imagine a disgruntled employee of some ‘extremist faith’ who wished to place an obnoxious toxin into the mix)…

    Shudders and spine come to mind!

    Yours Aye.

  2. I ate a burger in London, once. Once was enough. I’m not sure what Londoners consider beef for burgers, but that was not it.

    1. Lou,

      I agree with you on this one.

      The majority of people over here are accustomed to ‘fast food burgers’ created thin cheap and nasty; designed to get them in the eatery and get them out even quicker.

      Although I rarely eat any type of ‘fast/junk’ food, I do enjoy a correctly made ground beef-burger with seasoning etc.
      (Just turned my self peckish typing that)!


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