2015 Ford F-Series Truck

Ah, car shows. Where all the new bells and whistles and pickups and compacts and racecars are shown. At the Detroit auto show, Ram was supposed to be triumphant with its North American Truck of the Year. But don’t count out the Ford Atlas Concept:

Take the wheels. If they seem a bit busy, it’s because they contain shutters that close at higher speeds, improving aerodynamics. There’s also air dams that deploy in front of the wheels and behind the massive chrome grille for the same reason.

Ford Atlas concept
Ford Atlas concept, 2015 Ford F-Series, New Ford pickup. . .

Ford chief engineer Raj Nair said the new truck will need to lose up to 700 lbs. in order to meet the U.S. fuel economy standards rising between now and 2025, including some “funky” things like aluminum frames.

Go easy on the funky stuff, Ford. Nothing too disco, please. . .

9 thoughts on “2015 Ford F-Series Truck”

  1. My ’07 F-150 just turned 80K, just reaching young truck adulthood. Gonna keep it till the EPA (aka the American Inquisition) makes pick-up trucks & the men that drive them illegal and then they’re gonna have to blow us both off the road.

    1. I’m with you, Struan, although I haven’t a truck like that….a Crossover, yes but they’re still going to have to take me down anyway…k

    1. Got a quarter of a million miles out of my last one, Lou. And still sold it for a grand.

      1. We sold our 1990 Chevy truck to a friend when it had 200,000 miles on it back in about 2000. He is still driving it. I wish we hadn’t sold it – it was the Cadillac of trucks.

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