Soldier Embarrasses Army by Taking Off His Pants

5 thoughts on “Soldier Embarrasses Army by Taking Off His Pants

  1. Fine for ‘civvies’ on their way to work travelling under mundane conditions, I get it, I really do.

    But there are some things that just should not happen in military uniform, even a spur of the moment thing; common sense appears to have been left behind when this guy decided to join in.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Well, Ex Bootneck; all of this ‘silliness’ really comes from who we have at the top leading (or is he?) from behind. If this military member gets found out, I do believe his ass will be grass as the saying goes. He cannot be allowed to do things like that in uniform and it of course, reflect badly on him, his unit and his service…and we all know this….you don’t do these things without consequence….k

  3. Lou: Silly New Yorkers. (I can bag on my own peeps.)
    EB: Acch, even if I was a civvie, I would not strip to me skivvies!
    Kris: I hope he got a talking-to. . .

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