Jessica Mindich, Caliber Collection

Since “gun control” is all the rage in the news these days, Jessica Mindich may have hit on a winning business plan. Her Caliber Collection includes jewelry made from firearms, all taken off the rough-n-tumble streets of Newark, NJ, by the police department. I tend to lean towards this way of thinking about gun control (well, almost gun control) myself. . .

5 thoughts on “Jessica Mindich, Caliber Collection”

  1. IMHO, a positive action, taken from a negative reaction.

    Win win all round; especially as it states the weapons were illegally used, surely no one could stand up and say it violates their right to bear arms?

    What would be even cooler; (wasting one of my three granted wishes); people legally barred from possessing fire arms should be banned from buying or owning the jewelry; it then stops it being glorified as a trophy!

    Yours Aye.

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