GPS Error: 900 Miles

At the Naval Academy, a Sailor buys a ticket to fly home to San Jose. Except he gets on an airplane to San José, Costa Rica. He then (from what I heard second-hand) had to fly home from Costa Rica.

But his mental boner does not match Sabine Moreau, who drove from Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium to Zagreb in Croatia. Her trip was supposed to be 93 miles, but she drove 900. The culprit, her GPS. Bad Tom Tom!

8 thoughts on “GPS Error: 900 Miles”

  1. My brother and his wife were notorious for things like this. But the best one was when they were driving from Austin, TX to Wichita Falls, TX for Thanksgiving – a trip they had made hundreds of times. They drove to Ardmore, OK instead – which is about an hour in the wrong direction. I asked my brother if crossing the Red River and seeing the huge “Welcome to Oklahoma” sign was a hint that they were on the wrong road. If we had been kids, he would have punched me.

  2. Sometimes a little common sense has to override a GPS. And did the sailor not look at his ticket…see that no one on the flight spoke English…get suspicious of all the chickens and goats on the flight? He had to be a SNIPE.

  3. Where would we be without Sat Nav?

    Sat Nav is a modern day curse, and a blessing rolled into one. Last year [in the UK] there were approximately 450 thousand claims to insurance companies for damage to vehicles as a direct result of being sent down unsuitable roads.

    Common sense is being eroded for technology.

    Gone are the days when my Mum acted as Dad’s Sat Nav and speed caution system, I can still see the rolling of his eyes through the rear view mirror, oh happy days…

    Yours Aye.

  4. The best one I ever heard was the guy who was thrown off a LA to Auckland flight in Honolulu with an LA to “Oakland” ticket.

    As to GPS – gimme a map and a compass anytime. Failing that – a compass will due. Got me around four continents just fine. There’s a lotta Neo-Amish in me.

    1. Struan – back in the day (way, way back… before GPS and Sat Nav) we had a saying:

      “The most dangerous weapon in the world is a 2nd LT with a compass and a map.”

      1. No lie there, Tim. That’s why the Marine Corps wisely made sure all Ell Tees had a Platoon Sergeant.

  5. I purchased my new vehicle in 2009 (a 2010 Lincoln MKX) with all the whistles and birdcalls, fully loaded with the GPS installed….a wonder to behold…I purchased it in Connecticut and drove to the state of Texas without using it once, just my innate nose and personal direction capabilities….following the road…I had no problems whatsoever doing that….I drove cross country from California to Connecticut years ago without the GPS system installed (we didn’t have it at the time)…now I use it and get completely turned around…so I guess this remains a verification of that time honored ability….use your common sense and pay attention to road signs….and understand the limitations of the GPS system….k

  6. Whoah, general comment: careful on the opposite of LT-love. I may rap you on the head with my compass. The kind I use to draw circles.

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