Just An Old Sheikh

If you have a low blood-pressure problem, allow this quote to raise your psi:

“There could be things like visitation, assistance, his children, his family, assisting him,” Mohamed Morsi said. “He is an old sheikh and sick and blind. We need to respect that in this sheikh.”

Whoah Mo, this here’s ‘Merica, not ‘Gypt. We don’t need to respect anything of yours.

8 thoughts on “Just An Old Sheikh”

  1. This old dog got about London without any problems, where he used to spread his bile and hatred in front of his followers.

    He didn’t lose his hands through biting his finger nails! The man is a terrorist through and through and deserves his just deserts.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Ah, yes…the Blind Sheik…and Mohammed Morsi wants him…after all he only killed a few dozen and injured hundreds in the 1993 WTC first bombing…just another world apology tour from the ‘leader’ of the free world…and my gut tells me the new Egyptian president will be granted his fondest wish before long…k

    1. Kristen

      I side with you, but in truth I really hope not as the back lash over here will be felt at the highest level.


      1. I don’t believe the Sheik will be doing a world tour anytime soon…we have enough in the way of ‘traitors’ here to worry too much about that backlash over there…and the unfortunate part is we should…but Obama and his minions don’t care about that…they just want the world to acknowledge their good intentions, never mind the results…we’re really headed for some big time trouble and soon….another worldwide conflict….and the players will be everyone with Fascism of the Islamic variety on our collective plate…not looking forward to that..,k

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