Russian Volcano Erupts

I had one boss in the Navy who was a bit on the volcanic side. You had to pick and choose your times to talk to him. Pick wrong ——> eruption.

Russia's Koryakski volcano on the eastern Kamchatka Peninsula
Russia’s Koryakski volcano on the eastern Kamchatka Peninsula

Of course, he has got nothing on Russia’s Koryakski volcano on the eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. 170 tremors have been registered by sensitive seismic equipment near the volcano. Standby. . .

6 thoughts on “Russian Volcano Erupts”

  1. Like Krakatoa, Navy One?? I heard or read something about that particular volcano in the Dutch East Indies and its explosion in 1883…it took months for it to go ballistic if you will and destroy the island where it was located..and after it was all over, there were brilliant sunsets around the world for about twenty years….interesting…have we something to look forward to??….can’t wait…living history….k

  2. I recommend dropping forty thousand litres of Liquid Gaviscon, as well as two hundred pallet loads of Imodium straight into the centre of the crater; that’ll put the fire out!

    ‘It worked for me in Delhi over five years ago; and I haven’t been since’?

    (Come on NavyOne I’ve left you some meat on the bone)…

    Yours Aye.

  3. Old NFO: Brace for shook. . .
    Kris: I am trying to keep myself from going ballistic.
    EB: The last time I took immodium, I’d eaten some bad curry in Doha. And I had a thirteen hour flight ahead of me. That pill was a lifesaver. I will not joke about it. I owe my personal reputation to it. Never flew without it after that.
    Struan: I am looking forward!

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