Lumia 920, My Next Phone

At only 99 clams, my next phone may very well be the Lumia 920. At 32GB, with the Carl Zeiss lens, I could easily pop for this baby. And when Wired Magazine asks: Is Nokia’s Lumia 920 the Perfect “Dad Phone?” I don’t even cringe. Dad phone, that sounds respectable. It is a lot better than some pink, Hello Kitty phone, no?

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  1. I am tired of my iPhone. I am not made for it. There should be some smooth, soft touches to the screen and I am more like a butcher slapping some meat on the counter for cutting up. It is a frustrating instrument. I can’t see the screen outside and I can’t change the screen fast enough when a call comes in. Several times I have almost thrown it out the window when riding down the road. I’m just too old for these new fangle machines I guess.

  2. I like my IPhone even though it took me some years to arrive here…it does everything…I’ve yet to discover all that it does..I’m thinking this Lumia 920 might be the next logical progression…but I still have another year on my contract, so waiting might be the best option for the moment…IPhone 6??….k

  3. True story.

    I was sat in a conference room last year that was full of ‘suits’; each and every one of them were operating high tech equipment.

    The two blokes sat at the coffee table next to mine were typing, tapping and frowning into pads and laptops as though their very lives depended upon it. I placed my trusty brown pocket sized FILOFAX on the table in front of me and settled in to observe the insanity of it all.

    One of the two blokes next to me was having a problem with his Blackberry phone as it appeared to be locked; upon which he blew his top and suddenly threw it onto the floor with a clatter, his mate looked at him in horror, with eyes agog… “That was my phone”! says he… (I almost let rip with a huge belly guffaw but it was not my place to do so).

    Bloke No 1 then picks up his own Blackberry and looked and me saying; “excuse me, but do you have a signal on your phone” to which I pointed at my FILOFAX on the table “sorry, don’t need one”!

    After much ado the conference started, which included guest speakers on specific subjects concerning IT and security in general (yours truly being one)…

    Part way through my lecture the whole conference area went deadly silent when I was interrupted and handed a single A4 sheet. From it I read out partial e-mail-addresses, passwords, account details (obviously not in full) etc, etc… all of which had been picked up from my mate who was sat outside monitoring the goings on within.

    The embarrassing thing was that ‘the suits’ actually operated within the ‘security field’.

    Just another day at the office.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Just a short rejoinder, Ex Bootneck…I appreciate the perspective you bring to the table, so to speak…allowing everyone to lose their collective minds with all their high tech instruments and gizmos while you keep yours with a FILOFAX (and I haven’t a clue as to what sort of machine that is – but Fax seems the operative word and piece of gear)…never heard of such an instrument but you seem to have caught the flavor of the moment…and it’s quite amusing, really….keep up the good works and anecdotes….too funny ….k

      1. Kristen

        The following link to the magical Filofax (‘file of facts’). I believe the name was conjoined in the 1920’s when the firm was founded. The company has changed hands back and forth from the UK over to the US several times.

        I bought my original mini Filofax in the early 80’s and it still gets me through life (now one of several). My office is high tech and I will admit to being a gadget head, but I do like to take hand written notes; it seems to bring a touch of reality back to life and slows it down to an acceptable speed.

        In one sense I am a traditionalist, in that I still write letters to friends and family using ink. (If I receive a card via e-mail I fire a rocket off to the sender accompanied by a friendly growl on the telephone)!

        Though as NavyOne states beneath; once I am happy with my ‘technical lot’ I tend to plod on until some thing requires replacing, (not for me the latest all singing, all dancing, shiny bright things, that the tech world keeps bringing out)…,r:9,s:0,i:109


  4. My TracFone does just what I want it to do. And when it’s off (always exept when I fone home) I’m never disturbed.
    Is it true that active duty must carry a cell phone?

  5. Kris: I like the iPhone. A good piece of gear.
    EB: A filofax? I think I know what one of those are. I am not a techie, nor am I a luddite. I like gear, but once I get what I want, I don’t need the latest and greatest.
    ND: A tracfone? One of those flip things? Good design. Tough.

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