Gazing at Naval Gizmos

Your Navy quiz of the day, what is the MANTIS?

Multi-Aircraft Nose and Tail Interface System (MANTIS) aboard the carrier Harry S. Truman.
Multi-Aircraft Nose and Tail Interface System (MANTIS), USS Harry S. Truman

Hint, MANTIS stands for Multi-Aircraft Nose and Tail Interface System. (And no, it is not some giant scale for Sailors who are slightly out of regs.)

8 thoughts on “Gazing at Naval Gizmos”

  1. I thought it was for weighing Naval Officers wallets prior to flying; excess baggage, and all being considered…

    Yours Aye.

    1. Haha! You joke, but there was an Intel O, a LTJG, who had to be told that the Petty Officers were not on the carrier to carry her seabag around. . .

  2. That same Seaman’s kit-bag would have found itself doing ‘man over board’ drills PDQ on a ‘grey funnel line’ ship…

    Yours Aye.

  3. They seriously only developed something like that only now?

    If I would have known they needed something like that, I’d be rich right now.

    What else do they need that takes common sense to make and sell for beucoup Dollars?

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