Frigide Barjot, March for All

Frigide Barjot, Brigitte Bardot, Virginie Tellenne.
Frigide Barjot, Brigitte Bardot, or Virginie Tellenne?

I like names. I find them fascinating, for a reason I might not be able to explain.

For example, in France there is a movement (March for All) underfoot to stop gay marriage.

All sorts of non-aligned groups are joining the effort. While I am impressed that these various factions have actually managed to find common ground, I am more impressed by one of the leaders. She has taken on the name Frigide Barjot. The nickname is a take-off, of course, of Brigitte Bardot, that 60’s sex symbol. And it translates as Frigid Loony. Our good lady Frigide’s real name is Virginie Tellenne.

But I think I like her pseudonym better. Her pink tank-top (I believe) reads: We are born of one man and one woman. She looks like she might have a little lion blood in ‘er.

5 thoughts on “Frigide Barjot, March for All”

  1. I can foresee baguette’s being drawn and used; this will end with claret being spilled.

    France is becoming a tinder box of late…

    Yours Aye.

  2. And the French are not well known for agreeing with Brits or Americans on anything…there are a few more things we do share in common and that will come to the fore in the not too distant future…k

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