Free Bagels for Hagel!

One of the strengths of Chuck Hagel’s nomination as a possible Secretary of Defense is that his name rhymes with bagel. (Bloggers worldwide are said to be waiting in sesame-scented breathless anticipation.) As for the negatives, I will let this article speak its mind.

8 thoughts on “Free Bagels for Hagel!”

  1. My personal favorite is the onion or asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese and chives…talk about smelly and flavorful….k

  2. Iran supports Obama’s choice of Hagel! Wow, now that’s a real plus. What can we expect, the President is going to pick people who think the way he does. And the abuse of “executive privilege” is paving the way for a dictatorship.

    1. Or Clark: it will teach Americans to pay attention to the political winds blowing and not live in the world of the Khardashians or American Idol…I’m not sure but I think the ‘Bamster’ already bypassed that dictatorship meme a while back…k

      1. Kristen,
        I hope you’re right. But, pessimist that I am, I don’t think so. Too great a percentage of the electorate, especially the younger generations, don’t pay attention to what is happening. We’ve become an entertainment-centered society. “American Idol” is aptly named, viewers practically worship the contestants and judges.
        Again, I hop you’re right.
        Best wishes,

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