Fateful B-52 Flight

On Jan. 24, 1963, Lt. Col. Dan Bulli ordered aircrew from his B-52 to bail out of their bomber after a fateful test with terrain avoidance radar. The bomber was unarmed (thankfully) and hurtling through the air at 325 mph. Our current military draws on the lessons these Cold Warriors (amongst others) learned. Go to the link to see the memorial for the fallen crew-members. . .

6 thoughts on “Fateful B-52 Flight”

    1. NavyDavy, I seriously do not think that people realise just how many hours were put in by all concerned whilst monitoring and serving throughout the days of the cold war.


  1. I remember those ‘Cold War’ days…it wasn’t easy as you have indicated Ex Bootneck…it was interesting however ..k

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