New Corvette Stingray

Car guys can listen to an engine and often identify it. Any Mustang 5.0 is instantly recognizable to me. It has a throaty chuckle. Although I can’t recognize the sound of a Corvette Stingray, I always had a thing for their body style. Except after the 1970s Stingray, Corvette (in my eyes) has fallen on hard times. Good news, all that is about to change with the new Corvette Stingray:

New Corvette Stingray
New Corvette Stingray

Finally, it some design to it. I will say the tail-lights look like its baby bro, the Camaro.
(A big hello to folks coming here from Yahoo. I am active-duty Navy and a blogger. You may get a chuckle over this story: Me and the SEALs.)

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  1. My husband had a 74 Camero when I married him. He called it his flyin’ saucer. The engine sound was throaty. And my hubby was the coolest.

  2. Tots, AMerican Muscle over a Ferrari any day of the week. IMHO if you need to have a Ferrari, then you might be over compensating for something.

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