RIP Lieutenant Boiteux, Pilot Down in Mali

The fight against jihadis is a worldwide effort. So, I must wish the family of French pilot Lieutenant Boiteux (from the 4th helicopter regiment special forces) peace and courage during this trying time. The brave helo pilot was killed in Mali today, during a hostage rescue attempt against an Islamist group there. . .

3 thoughts on “RIP Lieutenant Boiteux, Pilot Down in Mali”

  1. Only the best of the best are selected to train and fly with 4e Régiment d’Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales.

    Pilot Lieutenant Damien Boiteux has two families; that of his surname, and those he flew with. My heart goes out to all left behind.

    The 4e RHFS are based in Pau, France, which is about forty miles north of the Pyrenees Mountains (French/Spanish border). Not long after they were created in 1997 I managed to ‘blag’ some adventure training in the area. The Regiment couldn’t have been more hospitable and supportive, even picking us up in a Super Puma to drop us off at our start point at the base of the Pyrenees.

    It would appear that the French ground Intel was sadly lacking. It is hoped they learn a valuable lesson from this; it is being reported that the French Commando assault teams were completely outgunned.

    The French military are going to be there for some time to come as Mali has been simmering for years, just as Africa has in general (the only African countries that remain stable are heavily influenced by the Chinese Industrial invasion; all by stealth).

    Yours Aye.

  2. Sad news indeed.

    Regarding other French KIAs in Africa, apart from the failure of the mission, I’m quite asthonished that they ended up leaving two SF guys’ dead bodies behind for the Islamists to display on the Internet. I hope there’s a damn good explanation for the saddening incident.

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