An Italian Man Watches Out for Us Yanks

Summoning all relatives of Col. Raymond Alvin Nowotny. Please contact a nice Italian gentlemen by the name of Glauco Mencaroni, he has something of yours. (I will demonstrate steely self-control and not joke about Glauco’s last name. Still, I hear his family’s big in the macaroni biz. Their product? Pasta shaped like dudes. On further review: Self-control may be overrated.)

Update: A kind reader by the name of Ethel emailed me this- On there is a woman, Ellen Nowotny, who was married to Orange, California. Most likely a relative of Col. Raymond Alvin Nowotny.

7 thoughts on “An Italian Man Watches Out for Us Yanks”

  1. Dear Mellow Jihadi (and others). Col. Raymond Alvin Nowotny was from Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. My source is (a) a Tucson Tribune Article of 1945, which is (b) probably based on information from his Service Record. I list the County above because Santa Ana may refer only to his place of induction/enlistment, not his home of record. Very Respectfully, Ed Weeden (former USN)

      1. The Ray Novotny of Palm Springs, a Loan Officer with Bank of America, uses a different spelling of Novotny (with a v) than did Raymond Alvin Nowotny. Nowotny/Novotny is a fairly common ‘slavic’ (Czech, Slovak, ‘Yugoslav’) name, similar to our Smith and Smyth. Am pursuing this find nevertheless. Will notify of possible bio-link after contacting him directly.

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