The III Citadel and the III Arms Company

IIICitadel,  III Arms CompanyAh, liberty. A group of patriots have taken what was once known as the Pioneer Project, and now referred to as the Citadel (or III CItadel), and are forming a community of like-mided souls to live together in Idaho. They even own an arms company selling AR-15s and 1911s. From their FAQ:

We polled our fellow Patriots about good locations to direct our initial focus for our Pioneer Project, what The Citadel was referred to at that point. We ultimately chose Idaho as that the place to initially consider putting down our roots. There are many reasons why Idaho came up the winner: Population density. Lines of drift in regards to population migration if TSHTF. Land availability in the acreage we’re going to need to complete The Citadel project. The growing trend of the state of Idaho actively recruiting firearms-related businesses.

AR-15 rifle comes in black and includes a flat-top A3 upper receiver, a 16-inch barrel with a 1:9 twist, standard forged front sight base with standard sight, M4 6-position stock, pistol grip and a 30-round magazine.
The III Arms Company AR-15 rifle comes in black or camo and includes a flat-top A3 upper receiver, a 16-inch barrel with a 1:9 twist, standard forged front sight base with standard sight, M4 6-position stock, pistol grip and a 30-round magazine.

Moderate climate. Amazing agricultural diversity. Large selection of natural resources. Great hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventures.It is populated with solidly independent and intelligently freedom-oriented people. State and local governments are pre-disposed to Constitutional Liberty and strongly supportive of Second-Amendment Rights. All-around, a great place to settle down and carve out the American Dream for you and your family. When you add them all up, it’s hard to imagine a better location.

I am sure you are aware of the term (referred to above) when the TSHTF. It is for precisely this reason that I avoid fans. I hate when ‘da gooey schtuff hits. . .

Update: I was asked by a person quoted in the article to take out the attribution to him and I did. I will place responsibility of the project on Mr. Christian Hyman, Sam Kerodin, Christian Kerodin, Sam Kerillion, and Sam Hellesponte. . .

10 thoughts on “The III Citadel and the III Arms Company”

  1. It sounds good if you’re not serious about having to defend yourself against “real” weaponry.

    I can’t remember all the times we got chewed out by Gunny Mulligan so we would remember (one of his) favorite (printable) sayings… “Don’t F*&^ing bunch up!!!!! It makes it easier to kill you all.”

  2. I saw this Navy One and have to ponder the thought this might be the focus of a government effort to eliminate it….sad to say, it looks almost similar to dare I say it…Waco? It’s the first thing I thought of, sadly…I hope the feds don’t think that but considering who we have and what these conspiracy minded believe in our federal government, I wouldn’t be surprised they’d view it about as favorably as an Islamic theocracy…I don’t know and if you believe me to be stretching into the realm of hyperbole and an overactive imagination, just say so…thanx….k

  3. My simple view; all it will take is for one individual within this system to ‘drop the ball’ and create an incident, which will call for intervention from law enforcement. Handled correctly it should not pose a problem or a threat…

    But, (and it is a big BUT) we all know just how bad it could go if such an event got ‘shoot-out-awkward’! The powers that be would have a field day handed to them on a plate, of which there would not be a recovery over certain weapon ownership.

    Again; only my feelings from across the pond… I just hope there is some in depth serious thinking attached to the idea!

    Yours Aye.

    1. Me. too Ex Bootneck…Waco was an embarrassment to the Clinton administration….but these liberal (? perhaps progressive would be a better nomenclature) idiots would think nothing of going in there as the Clinton Justice Department did and turning it into a fiasco…I mean really; we’ve already had two fiascos in the last four years that our media in the US has stated ‘there’s nothing to see here’ when there really is…Fast & Furious and Benghazi…Americans are dying and that doesn’t even get into foreign citizens taking that ‘dirt nap’ thanks to current administration policies. And don’t let us get into other things most Americans don’t even know about because of the underhanded nature of who have leading the country (if you could call it that) ..the only way we find out anything is because of your media and other European outlets…but the average American is really downright ignorant….and we have the US media, Hollywood, politicians and academe who actually promote stupidity as a way of life while ignoring the reality the rest of us know is out there….but as usual I digress…and Obamaville continues to the detriment of all of us…another cautionary tale in affirmative action and what the final results of that really is….k

  4. Kris: Ah, Waco. What a mess.
    mark: I’ll bet it is more than $1500. Maybe even 2K or 3.
    EB: You would have to be careful about who you let in. Take me for example, I would certainly not be Citadel material. Like Groucho Marx said, I would never join a club that had me as a member. . .

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