“Can Do” Seabee Saves a Life

The motto of the Seabees is Can Do. And that would apply to Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Leah Rapp. The Petty Officer donated a kidney to her best friend, Susan Stout.

5 thoughts on ““Can Do” Seabee Saves a Life”

  1. I greatly admire people who show such compassion towards their fellow man.

    BZ Seabee; may you both live long prosperous lives.

    Yours Aye.

  2. My great-uncle was a Sea Bea in WWII. He was the most amazing man when it came to building or fixing things on the farm. Actually, he was a wonderful man all around.

  3. EB: Seconded. True compassion and friendship.
    CI Roller: RGR. They are some good Sailors.
    Lou: I’ll bet he was. They are common-sense personified.

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