Mr X’s Anti-Americanism

Mr. X's arm at the Comic-Con International 2012 - "CZ12" Panel
Mr. X’s arm at the Comic-Con International 2012 – “CZ12” Panel

Your Friday night mission, if you choose to accept, is to figure out who said this:

Mr X: The New China. The real success has been made in the past dozen of years. Our country’s president also admits they have the corruption problem, and some other stuff, but we are making progress. What I can see is our country is continuously making progress and learning. If you talk about corruption, the entire world, the United State, has no corruption?

Host: America.

Mr X: The most corrupt in the world.

Host: Really?

Mr X: Of course. Where does this Great Breakdown [financial crisis] come from? It started exactly from the world, the United States. When I was interviewed in the U.S., people asked me, I said the same thing. I said now that China has become strong, everyone is making an issue of China. If our own countrymen don’t support our country, who will support our country? We know our country has many problems. We [can] talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, [we should say] “our country is the best.”

Host: So he can’t get enough of his more than 20 ambassador titles. I think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should ask him to be the ambassador to the United States.

Mr X: Seriously, I am always like, when the door is closed, “Our country is like this and this. Who and who is not good.” But outside, “Our country is the best, like so and so, is the best.” You cannot say our country has problems [when you are outside], like “Yes, our country is bad.”

Interesting. I don’t blame him for standing up for his country. But he better watch out. Whatever flaws we may have in America, we don’t touch China in terms of corruption.

4 thoughts on “Mr X’s Anti-Americanism”

  1. I just wandered on over to the site you highlighted….I’m surprised such a well-known icon would be political in any way…and disappointed…I would have thought he was above all that…and now that we here in America are becoming more like them, I have to wonder at his outspokenness…strange that an American administration that admires the Communist model (that would be Obama and his minions) would be criticized so strenuously by a proponent of the same system of government….k

  2. It was a interesting post, but did you notice the difference of what is said in front of people and behind closed doors? When the president goes on a apology tour it makes us look weak in public. Big difference in world view.

  3. Kris: I know, it was surprising.
    mark: The Arabic press is the same. You should what they say to the world versus what they report to their own people.

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