Dogs at Fleet Week

This American Thinker article weaves in Military Working Dogs (MWDs, not WMDs), New York, the Blue Angels, Iraq, and other interesting topics. It also links to the tragic story of Tony Martin (convicted of killing Fred Barras during the latter’s robbery of his home.) Read it if you errrr so inclined. Do watch your blood pressure. (Hand Salute: Kris, thanks!)

4 thoughts on “Dogs at Fleet Week”

  1. I remember the Tony Martin incident very well, his sentence caused a national outrage, which is still raw to this day.

    The local police force were considered inept over their duty; trust in the same force has ebbed to an all time low. Political correctness gone mad.

    The scum who broke in were Irish Travellers (Gypsies), who cause nothing but problems where ever they go.,d.d2k

    Yours Aye.

    1. Thanks for posting Tony’s update. This is a ridiculous situation (of course) and it does not inspire confidence in the local coppers.

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