Big Mouth (Afweyne) Retires

Hey, guess who retired? Mohamed Abdi Hassan, also known as Afweyne or Big Mouth. And he is trying to influence his pirate buddies to do the same. May I suggest they move to Norderoogsand Island in the German North Sea?

2 thoughts on “Big Mouth (Afweyne) Retires”

  1. A random thought: I believe this man is retiring because he’s socked away all that ransom money he got from his own activities and doesn’t need to be a pirate anymore…some acquire money legitimately; not this guy…I’d be surprised he hasn’t taken most of his ill-gotten gains and put it in a portfolio and invested it through legitimate channels….to survive this kind of life and then give it up? There has to be some financial end to this….and I don’t think this man is stupid….k

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