Vladimir Franz, President of the Czech Republic?

One of the candidates for president of the Czech Republic, Vladimir Franz, is unique in the world of politics. I won’t say what it is, but in a way, he wears his emotions on his face.

5 thoughts on “Vladimir Franz, President of the Czech Republic?”

  1. My only question is : how can anyone take the man seriously? After reading his rather impressive resume, I find it hard to believe he felt this particular statement (and don’t kid yourself, doing this to your face is a statement) would accomplish what he needed to in his life. This is the last thing I would expect from an individual who expected to be treated in a serious fashion….k

  2. The Czechs are an ancient and experienced people – I’ll bet my 21 acres this poseur doesn’t make a slice on the pie chart when all is said & done.

  3. Kris: I doubt folks are taking him seriously. He is just too out there.
    Struan: Pie? Where? (Just kidding. I’ll bet you are right.)

  4. The reason why he has so many supporters is that many people around here (Czech rep.) are fed up with politicians and he is the only candidate with no political background. It is some kind of protest, I suppose. Anyway, his chances of winning the elections are very slim.

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