A Pictorial War, Navy Against Marine Corps

Someone (a Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps who shall remain unnamed) thought it funny to label the below picture as me:

Navy Sailor

With one google search, I came up with the pic of a Marine Sergeant Major Master Gunnery Sergeant. Say whatever you want about the below butterball (check the SEAL trident), at least he is closer to the regs than the above pixie dust sprinkler:

Fat ass Sergeant Major, United States Marine Corps

War, we may be fighting one. . .

14 thoughts on “A Pictorial War, Navy Against Marine Corps”

  1. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind the first photo is of a Sailor. The lack of a shave is a particular indicator. The pink sword suggests NavyOne was on his way to a parade and not the Officers Mess. My bad.

    As for the second picture, upon seeing it no one thinks: “Marine.” He is an obvious poser. Also, the bursting bomb in the center of his chevrons indicates the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant, not Sergeant Major. Sorry NavyOne, you fail again!

  2. ASM: Master Gunnery Sergeant, Rgr. I was told your fellow Marine here signs his letters/emails, Semper Pie. . .
    Lou: Thanks, but I think that clown is not wearing boots. It looks like he has black shoes and the red leather numbers are just sleeves over his shoes and ankles.

  3. It’s like watching Dean Martin (ASM) trade quips with Jerry Lewis (N1).
    Someone send a bucket of wings over here with a pitcher of beer. This is going to be good.

  4. Ugh! You start my day with this turd in the punch bowl, N1? My caffeine level not even close to optimum operational range and I gotta deal with this POS? Disappointing on so many different levels. I followed a link in the comments section at the source article to 1/9’s dismemberment of this Gugle scum. We are usually a self policed Corps that takes care of its dirty laundry amongst ourselves – barracks justice is harsh but fair and very effective. How this scab was able to skate for so long is an internal Corps failure. I’d like to think this guy would’ve lasted about 20 seconds in any of the units I served in. All I can say is GACK! My coffee just became Irish.

  5. I hate using mind bleach on a Friday… the fumes tend to linger over the weekend.

    NavyOne pull your self together man, you are better that this! What type of fashion statement are you trying to make?

    Colour mixing has a code, just as ‘blue & green should not be seen’ the same goes for ‘yellow & blue is never true’! And as for your sword; ‘pink it makes the sailors wink’. Get a grip man before it’s too late…

    Just as America’s Sergeant Major can attack, lunge and parry using both hands; it would appear that the Master Gunnery Sergeant can do the same (use both hands); only he uses them to shovel food down his pie hole. In fact it looks like he has turned cannibal and eaten the whole company?

    Come on men, its a new year; lets try and step forward in step or at least waddle at the same speed…

    Yours Aye.

  6. I’ve come late to the game, Navy One….nice wig…and your shoes make you look both gauche and like a tubby Super Hero…of course your depiction of a true Marine is, I don’t know indescribable and not terribly accurate….I’ve never seen a Marine that looks like that, quite honestly…he’s a veritable disgrace…k

  7. Well the MGS is/was a stolen valor guy. I have seen his roundness before on this aint hell.com, I can not remember his name. So seeing that the “marine” is a faker wannabe. Well Since N1 is just dressed funny. But why do the fakers always want to be marines?

  8. OR: Really? Please send me a check then.
    Struan: I would apologize, but I am just defending my flank from an unprovoked provocation. As usual, I am the innocent, aggrieved party here.
    EB: He turned cannibal and ate his shipmates? Hahaha!
    Kris: I don’t think they are actual boots.
    mark: He is a stolen valor guy. I wonder if he was tried for his fakery.

  9. What I have found out about the guy is that he may have been in the corps, came out a e-5. Possible lives in New Mexico. What I have read is that the ribbons include some WW2 ones and the lanyard is WAY off. But I am no expert, ASM could probably tell better then any of us.

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