Free “I Served” Sticker to Non-Flag Stompers

I served Iraq, Afghanistan, Desert Storm, VietnamNavy Times is offering a free I Served (in) Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, or Desert Storm sticker for all those who have served.

I’ll bet I know of one person who does not want the sticker, the Chapin High School English teacher (South Carolina) who repeatedly stomped on the flag in class to make a point.

Please ignore my pet peeve of folks misspelling or misidentifying Berkeley in the comments. Like Sergeant First Class Brice Harris who calls it UCLA-Berkeley. C’mon SFC, I expect better. Two separate schools, Berkeley and UCLA. Separated by almost 400 miles!

10 thoughts on “Free “I Served” Sticker to Non-Flag Stompers”

  1. They say teachers are not allowed to teach religion in classrooms today, but I guarantee you every teacher everywhere is sharing his/her beliefs with students. Just what those beliefs/views are…?? Well, sometimes it takes some teacher doing something like this to find out what is really going on in the public classroom.

  2. And we know what religion they’re teaching – “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” V.I. Lenin

    The Left (or whatever AKA the Communists are using now) have been infiltrating the teaching profession at all levels since the end of WWII. The harvest cadres of Lenin’s seeds are obvious on a daily basis. I challenge anyone to show me a conservative thinking Teachers Union (at ANY educational level) in this country.

  3. You might be surprised how many conservatives teach at the university level…I originally came from the State of Connecticut…and I met conservative professors who taught at the local colleges and universities and were quite vocal about it. I don’t know if such a circumstance exists today because one gentleman I did know was a retired academic but he was very clear as to what his leanings were…and I know of others who have trained in the Ivy League at Yale for instance…a native American for that matter and a conservative who taught at the University of Oklahoma (Dr. David Yeagley – his website Bad would be of interest to some here) He was fired for his conservative leanings…and the only thing we can do is stand up and never relent, ever…as a previous poster has commented on Winston Churchill’s stand on liberty and freedom. We fight for reasons large and small, no matter what, despite everything….no matter how demonized we are, no matter the name calling….k

    1. I know there are American value teachers and professors and (as you noted) they mostly have to operate & teach in stealth mode. One of the posters here, Dr. Clark Zletchow, is a long time teacher in New York’s SUNY system. No, the American Education system, by and large, are merely indoctrination & inculcation centers for the Left.

      One of their early, successful & ongoing take over strategys was summed up by the admonition to “Go for the Robes.” Meaning, in late 19th & early 20th century parlance, to occupy those positions in society that wore robes of office, i.e. doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, judges etc, etc.

      Look how sadly successful they’ve been in 21st century America.

      1. You have to note however, Struan, the people who are the establishment these days; the liberal/progressive types who took over the positions of power (the robes) now are in the same positions of those they accosted through their own liberal ideology that took down that oh-so staid conservatism. There will be those who want to shake up the current establishment and take over themselves. That coincidentally will be people like us; In order for that to occur, critical thought can be utilized to overcome them. They won’t even see it coming….so what took down traditional conservatism throughout the culture can be used to take these idiots down and far more effectively. They’re as complacent as the people they replaced….k

        1. No doubt, Kirsten – the pedulum swings. I just don’t know if it’s period will accomadate the recovery of American educational values, They’ve had seven decades to sow the seeds.

  4. Struan: Go for the robes, I like that.
    Kris: Dr. David Yeagley, great stuff at his site.
    Cargosquid: Good luck in your new profession!

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