Mohamed Mohamud and #MyJihad

#MyJihadMohamed Mohamud’s jihad was to blow up 1000s of people in a “spectacular show” during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland. Despite having a cell phone detonator, and actually dialing the number to blow the nearly 1 ton bomb, there are naysayers. If you’re going to prosecute every loudmouth, Trevor Aaronson said, our courts would be clogged. And there are loud cries of entrapment. Which you always tend to hear after cases like this.

Our budding jihadi, Mo Mo, is from Mogadishu, Somalia. And he moved here when he was five. Does he think Somalia is paradise and he was mistreated in the United States?

For a time, Mohamud was able to live two lives — as a young immigrant trying to fit in, and a Muslim who had become radicalized.

Mohamed Mohamud’s family emigrated from Mogadishu, Somalia, where he was born in 1991. He moved to the U.S. when he was about 5 years old.

Mohamud professed aspirations of becoming an engineer, like his father. As a student at Oregon State University, he spent his freshman year studying, playing basketball and partying but eventually dropped out.

As a senior in high school, Mohamud had begun writing articles for an online English-language jihadist magazine called “Jihad Recollections” under the pen name Ibn al-Mubarak, advocating physical fitness for the mujahedeen in places where they couldn’t find exercise equipment.

He wrote three articles, including one praising the content and presentation of al-Qaeda’s media arm, As-Shabab Media.

The FBI began monitoring Mohamud’s emails. In the summer of 2010 FBI undercover agents set up the first in a series of meetings with Mohamud, who talked about a dream in which he led a group of fighters into Afghanistan against “the infidels.”

According to the prosecution’s version of events, Mohamud’s undercover handlers offered him several choices in the service of jihad. They ranged from simple prayer to full-on martyrdom. Mohamud chose a step short of killing himself, saying he wanted to “become operational,” according to the FBI.

My Jihad

I wonder what the good folks at #MyJihad have to say of Mohamed Mohamud. I like reformers, but putting shiny, happy people in an ad is useless. The advertisements need to be directed at people like Mo Mo. He is the one with the issue. Just don’t ask him: What is your jihad? You might not like the answer. . .

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  1. The one thing you haven’t mentioned, Navy One in terms of jihad…and there are many in the nastiness that is representative of Islamic jihad…’taqiyya’ the concept of dissembling, lying and the ends justifies the means. Muslims can say anything to justify their own vile and violent behavior, including the murder of innocents and say that their god, Allah wills it and it’s all right to commit these vile acts. That’s what makes it a cult and not a religious faith; Islam is a lie concocted by an insane madman and pedophile…this little ad is nonsense and propagandistic crap and garbage…just to let you know…k

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