Mikhail Kalashnikov Down?

93 year old Mikhail Kalashnikov is in the hospital for undisclosed reasons. Sources even have him listed as in intensive care. This man has touched lives all over the globe. I won’t give away what he is known for, only to show you a sliver of his famed invention. (Of course, his name is a dead giveaway.) His groundbreaking tech, the Avtomat Kalashnikova:

Avtomat Kalashnikova, AK-47I’ve never done an easier guess-this challenge. 100 push-ups if you are still in the dark.

7 thoughts on “Mikhail Kalashnikov Down?”

  1. ….98, 99, urrrrmmmmpphhhh, 100, phew!

    Wow, I cant believe how dark it is around here?

    Come on NavyOne give us a clue…

    Yours Aye.

  2. That looks like a wand power washer…but I bet that’s not it. I wonder what his lifestyle was like. Was he rich from his invention? Probably not!

  3. The AK-47 (or rather, the AKM. Apperantly very few AK-47s were made until the somewhat upgraded version, the AKM was introduced, at least if you can trust Wikipedia…) has always been the real WMD. It’s killed more people than gas, atom and hydrogen bombs, biological weapons, etc. all together, and just might have enabled a number of wars. The outcome of introducing a fully fledged assault rifle that is easy to use and maintain in a country where a chicken costs more is quite obvious, i.e. Somalia.
    Regardless of whether or not he comes out of the hospital this time, the day he passes he just might have a lot of uneasy questions to answer for.

  4. Objection!
    Mr. K developed a low-end stamped version of the StG 44 that was captured in the ‘Eastern’ front retreats.

    Pardon the additional hint.

  5. EB: Haha! At least you got some exercise out of it.
    CP: He may be rich, we don’t know. . .
    Lou: Good job!
    Anthony: It is the real WMD. Good point.
    Gus: Rgr, thanks for the additional intel.
    Kris: Alright, last AK post of the week. Promise.

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