The Habbo Hotel

Habbo HotelOne hotel (motel, inn, auberge, dive, hostel, bed & breakfast, flophouse, barrack, tent, hut, house, apartment, condo, mansion, shack, walk-up, penthouse, time-share) that you will never find me checking into is called the Habbo Hotel. Not only is it Finnish in origin (from Finland), it entertained 250 million people last year. No thanks, ei kiitos!

5 thoughts on “The Habbo Hotel”

  1. I have had the pleasure of working with the ‘Mighty Finns” of the Finnish Coastal Jaegers (Marine Commandos).

    One of my favourite stories was taken from the Finnish Defence Forces Military museum in Helsinki, which explains a little about them and the term ‘Sisu’.

    1939. Two Finnish foot soldiers are pinned down in a battle during the war between Finland And Russia.
    One soldier says “we’re outnumbered, there must be at least forty of them and only two of us”.
    “Dear God, it will take us all day to bury them” exclaims the other!

    That is ‘Sisu’ a Finnish word that that better describes the Finns…,d.d2k

    Yours Aye.

  2. I don’t understand the fun in creating fake hotels. Of course, here I am reading and commenting on blogs, and I find it fun.

  3. EB: Ah, I have seen Sisu listed before as a saying and I had no idea what it meant. (There is even a commenter around here that uses Sisu as her screen name.) Thanks for the cultural hand.
    Lou: Imagine this blog like Hotel California. And you know what they say. About checking out. . .

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