The Dominance of Ray Lewis

For those of you unaware of Ray Lewis, he is a dominant inside/middle linebacker who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. And today, his team beat Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. He also announced his retirement this week, as in, after the playoffs, he is done:

Ray Lewis retiring, No. 52, Baltimore Ravens
Ray Lewis, No. 52 B’more Ravens

So my point in this post is not recount Ray’s great career (2050 tackles, 41.5 sacks, 31 interceptions), but to share this inadvertently ironic blurb from wikipedia: Ray Lewis is a Christian, and his commitment to his faith was featured in a Sports Illustrated cover story in 2006. He has six children by four women. His son, Ray Lewis III, has committed to the University of Miami for the 2013 season. Wikipedia really should consider separating these facts up into two separate paragraphs. Talk about Ray’s religion and then talk about Ray’s children. Seems to make sense to me, no?

7 thoughts on “The Dominance of Ray Lewis”

  1. Six children by four women? That makes me wonder about his religion.

    Maybe while writing that paragraph, the Wiki writer was distracted by a squirrel.

  2. Well, as he is climbing on, he does pray, “Thank you Lord for what I am about to receive, and give he endurance and strength to help me form another likeness of You.” On another topic, because of the injury to his arm, and being out for a few weeks, everyone though he would not be affective. So six tackles and a couple of sacks later, he was still dancing and going strong. I have liked him, though I am not a Raven fan.

  3. Wikipedia isn’t exactly the high point of the intellectual universe….they are pretty leftist and secularly minded…if it doesn’t fit their narrative, they’ll more than likely look for a way to imply someone’s ‘Christian’ hypocrisy’ just to make a point and then proceed to mock that individual…looks as if that was the point here….k

  4. CP: His stats are still solid. I thought he might have a couple more years. . .
    Kris: Wikipedia can be slanted on some things, but I was surprised to see this dig in the sports section. . .

    1. Sports section, Navy One??…tsk, tsk…you should know better; all of today’s journalists be they the traditional type, sports, editorial, investigative or whatever go to the same schools….and all the schools live and die by liberal ideology and narrative soothsaying… It doesn’t matter where these people hang their hats in terms of work, they still profess their own leftist bias and leanings regardless…you should know this…I’m surprised you don’t, N1….k

      1. Aww, I tend to like the thought that sports are immune from the usual political bs. I usually catch it in the rare moment it rears its ugly head. . .

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