Need a New Desk Calendar?

I just picked up a new desk calendar; it is called the Antikythera mechanism. This below model was salvaged from the the strait between Crete and Peloponnese:

Antikythera mechanism
Antikythera mechanism

They’re shrinking it to make it more portable. This version looks like a wreck.

2 thoughts on “Need a New Desk Calendar?”

  1. I watched a program on this amazing find last year.

    Michael Wright, the Curator of a London Museum actually re-created one using x rays taken from the original salvaged Antikythera mechanism.

    For our edification I have found the following…,d.d2k

    I don’t think Michael gets out much?

    Either way he gets my vote for perseverance as I found it fascinating!

    Yours Aye

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