School of Deeper Learning

Due to my very short hair, I regret to inform you I will not be attending the School of Deeper Learning. I bet Troy Palamalu will be very disappointed. From what I hear, their curriculum is head and shoulders above many of a similar ilk. . .

5 thoughts on “School of Deeper Learning”

  1. Old NFO: Hey, I am an amateur blogger, not a pro!
    EB: Neat link, but I am trying to avoid getting a haircut every week. Ten days or every two weeks seems to work to keep me looking squared away. . .

    1. I am well and truly institutionalised!

      Twice a week; a correct neck shave, and every friday (every single friday @ 12:00 hrs come hell or high water), I step forward for a ‘high & tight’.

      Standards dear boy, standards…


      1. Yikes, every week? Do you use Head & Shoulders or that Fast Shampoo? Or perhaps rub your crown with some sort of exotic fertilizer? (Truly, I am impressed with your maintenance of standards. . .)

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