Pairing Vets and Dogs

America’s VetDogs is supplying dogs to the Western Correctional Institute for vets, like Hazard Wilson, to work with. Mr. Wilson trains the dogs, such as the golden retriever Yardley, to serve as service dogs for veterans. This is an all-around winner for everyone involved in the process. Rather than punching out license plates, these vets could be put to work doing something meaningful.

2 thoughts on “Pairing Vets and Dogs”

  1. I absolutely agree with this concept as I know of some one who relies on his companion dog. It has changed his life for the better in so many ways; I do not have the correct words to express the bond between them.

    Allow the incarcerated to benefit others, they still ‘do their time for the crime’.

    For many inmates it will be the first time that they have experienced compassion towards their fellow man. I would also hope they are allowed to see the fruit of their labour via a link up, as it should be part of an on going training process that benefits every one concerned.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I agree, I really think this a good idea. There is a lady at work who trains service dogs. And she brought one in to work one day. I lingered in her office a little longer than normal. . .

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