Yonathan Melaku, Schizophrenic

Yonathan Melaku has been classified as schizophrenic by the military doctors who examined him. As you might remember, the former Marine (radicalized by the supposed poor treatment of Muslims by American forces) fired shots at the Pentagon and Marine Corps Museum back in 2010. I am vaguely reminded of ostriches burying their heads in sand when I read stories like this. Nothing further to report. . .

3 thoughts on “Yonathan Melaku, Schizophrenic”

  1. Hmmmmm….. Do you think that the folks in Congress have noticed the trend, the one barely spoken about? You know, where many of these shooters have schizophrenia, or are in the beginning stages, or have come off their meds? Just one more, and yet they still blame the guns.

  2. Well, we live in a world, Navy One where schizophrenia is almost characterized as a ‘normal’ neurosis that can be treated like any other mental disturbance. It isn’t…my father had it; otherwise referred to as paranoid schizophrenia and it’s no walk in the park. My mother had to take me out of his orbit and life because it can be induced through association (or at least that’s what his doctors claimed)…he spent his life where you are (in California) after my Mom divorced him. She never had another kind word for him after that…he was liar and he hurt her emotionally…I’m not sure but I think from personal observation and a degree in Psychology not to mention a lifetime association with my mother that she was far more affected psychologically than I was…I was taken from that environment and his presence by her to save both of us…but she still got tainted by being around him…I was two when we left…we all have personal tragedies that mark our lives; it just depends on how we manage to adjust….wouldn’t you say???……you cannot really regret your own life as long as you survive it…k

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